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Best Custom Made Aquariums in South Florida

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Who we are

We are experts in the creation of custom-made aquariums, and more than seven years of experience has helped us to build a reputation as leaders in the industry for creating high-quality tanks in the Miami and South Florida area.

We take pride in meeting our client’s needs by offering endless design options and a one on one service that set us apart from our competition.

We have worked closely with home and business owners, interior designers, architects, developers and contractors to bring their ideas and projects to life.

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Our Services:

About Us

At Aquarium Marketing, we put the strict attention to detail when building our tanks, which allows us to provide our clients with the best quality and the finest details through to completion

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Custom Aquariums

If you’re interested in a custom-made tank, whether for your home or business, our team of experts is ready to help you to design an exquisite aquarium that fits your most specific requirements.

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Leasing Programs

If you’re interested in creating a more relaxing vibe for your customers and employees at your workplace, our unique and innovative aquariums can be the perfect add-on to your business.

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Aquarium Maintenance

Our team of aquarium specialists is ready to help you to make sure your aquarium looks its best at all times.

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Aquarium Management

If you are a commercial customer and want an Aquarium to enhance the look of your Business but you don’t want to deal with the Aquarium Maintenance and Animals care we are your best option.

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Filtration Systems

We are experts in water quality and we had developed a filtration system design that perfectly fits saltwater and freshwater systems.

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Other Services

If you have a special project please contact us, we always try to assist our clients in other projects involving fish and / or glass such as Ponds, Pool Railings, Terrariums, among others

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We export products and equipment for aquariums as well as fish, corals, amphibians and invertebrates to retail customers

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Frequently asked questions

Having an aquarium in your home or business is a great experience but surely you have many questions.

We will give you answers to questions that customer’s have been asking us during years, this will help you to make the best decision.

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Customer Reviews

“Best place to get my new 220 Gallon aquarium! Excellent service, smart design at a reasonable price. The owners really know their stuff and on their customer service they go the extra mile! Highly recommended. Very happy I found them.”

Munira Florez

”My first tank was a 50 gallon freshwater and ever since then I always dreamed of a salt water tank. Aquarium Marketing made that possible. The team’s expertise is incredible and very personable. I highly recommend fish tank lovers to go with this company. You won’t be sorry.”

Rhonda Bain

”Highly Recommend…They are very professional in both the initial creative process of the aquarium and after it is installed. They truly care for the satisfaction of their clients, you can tell they really love what they do!!”

Roy Rodriguez

“This place has a great selection of fishes and corals. I was surprise how knowledgeable, helpful and friendly are the owners. They have really low prices and top quality products. They also design and build great custom aquariums. Highly recommended.”

Luis Miguel Hernandez 

“They are AQUARIUM INSTALLATION MACHINES!! We were absolutely blown away by the communication, the speed, quality and the price. They are amazing and would recommend to anyone!”

Aaron Parthemer

”Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the service provided by Aquarium Marketing. They worked very well with my agency as they always had a very warm rapport with everyone they came in contact with during the installation. They would followed up with me every week to ensure my satisfaction with their product. They effectively switched from English to Spanish and back again without hesitation, which assisted communicating with some of my employees. ”

Maria Anderson

”I bought most of my equipment from them I got the opportunity to meet Juan which is a very good guy that will help you with a lot of patient and will be honest all the way! supply everything really quick and the prices are good comparing to other places. Will really recommend to work with them”


“Great guys and very professionals, if you want a nice aquarium build they are your guys”

Manuel Alvarez