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About Us

Aquarium Marketing is a full-service aquarium design company that specializes in creating unique and innovative custom-made aquariums for commercial and residential purposes. Our professional team of aquarium experts, designers, and makers hold one thing in common; passion for fishes, corals, and reefs.

At Aquarium Marketing, we put the strict attention to detail when building our tanks, which allows us to provide our clients with the best quality and the finest details through to completion

For more than 7 years, our team has continuously exceeded our clients’ expectations by offering the best quality custom-made aquariums. We take pride in meeting our client’s needs by offering endless design options and a one on one service that set us apart from our competition.

We not only manufacture the tank, we also provide wood stands, filtration systems, fish and corals and a wide variety of equipment. In our store you will find everything you need for your Aquarium.

Thinking on our customers we create 3 special options, Custom Aquariums, Aquariums for Lease and Advertising Aquariums.

Custom Aquariums

We Design, Build, Install and Maintain Custom Aquariums

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Now you can have a beautiful aquarium just for a monthly Fee

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Advertising aquariums

Aquarium Marketing invented Advertising Aquariums as Live Billboards

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Our Aquariums

All our projects go through three main phases: Design, Manufacturing and Installation

Our designers will create with you the most amazing saltwater or freshwater aquarium and will assist you to choose the animals and the right equipment to ensure the proper functioning of your aquarium.
We seek to build aquariums that are not only beautiful but easy to maintain for our customers to enjoy their aquariums without stress. We work with glass and acrylic depending on the project and our customers’ preferences, we also use the best supplies in the market to guarantee the quality and durability of our work.

The installation process is very important for us, that is why we have trained our team to make fast and efficient installations, we have the equipment and the necessary tools to guarantee a clean and efficient work.

Our aquariums can include:

  • Hand-made glass or acrylic tank.
  • Hand-made wood stand.
  • Special illumination.
  • Automatic feeding system.
  • Mechanical, biological, physical and chemical filtration system for the sustainability and health of animals.
  • Computerized water control system, for all physical and chemical water conditions.
  • Special filtration systems for evaporation and water changes.

We would love to be part of your Home or Business, our Aquariums are perfect for decoration because they are sophisticated and luxurious, but also they create a peaceful environment for your enjoyment.

If you are a Designer, Interior decorator, Developer or Business Manager we can help you with your project, give your clients a beautiful, sophisticated and innovative space for their homes or businesses.

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