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We are experts in the creation of custom-made aquariums, and more than seven years of experience has helped us to build a reputation as leaders in the industry for creating high-quality tanks in the Miami and South Florida area.

If you’re interested in a Custom Aquarium for your business, our team of experts is ready to help you to design an exquisite aquarium that fits your most specific requirements.

At Aquarium Marketing, we see each project as unique and we do our best to understand our client’s vision and to provide a creative design every time.

Commercial Customers Services

Aquarium Leasing Programs

Add a relaxing and harmonious feeling to your business with a custom-made aquarium.

If you’re interested in creating a more relaxing vibe for your customers and employees at your workplace, our unique and innovative aquariums can be the perfect add-on to your business.

From design through completion and maintenance, Aquarium Marketing has the resources to take your business to the next level.

With this service our commercial customers can enjoy a beautiful custom made aquarium with high technology equipment and freshwater or saltwater animals for a monthly fee, you do not need to buy the aquarium.

This fee not only includes the Aquarium it also includes the equipment, animals, maintenance, 24/7 assistance, and more.

You will not need to worry about anything, we will take care of everything for you.

We have different packages for you to choose, the price will depend on the size of the aquarium, the type of animals you selected and the length of the contract.

Aquarium Management Programs

If you are a commercial customer and want an Aquarium to enhance the look of your Business but you don’t want to deal with the Aquarium Maintenance and Animals care we are your best option.

You buy the Aquarium and we will manage it for you.

All animals, food and supplements are on our own, you can select the animals you want for your aquarium from a wide portfolio and we will do the investment for you, you wont need to spend money on them, we will be responsible for their health and will replace deaths if necessary.

For a Monthly Fee we will take care of the aquarium for you, this includes a 24/7 assistance service, frequently aquarium maintenance, food supply, animals replacement, water changes and more.

Aquarium Maintenance

At Aquarium Marketing, we put strict attention to details when building our tanks, which allows us to provide our clients with the best quality and the finest details from day one through to completion.

Having an aquarium can enhance the look and aesthetic of any space, no questions asked; however, keeping your tank healthy is key when ensuring the overall look of your space.  

Maintenance Service

A healthy aquarium requires a regular maintenance routine. Our team of aquarium specialists is ready to help you to make sure your aquarium looks its best at all times.

We understand that each tank is different; therefore, we also offer customized services packages that suit your tank’s size and your needs while getting your money’s worth.

Aquarium Marketing offers an in-house staff professionally trained to service your aquarium, our services team are skilled in aquarium maintenance as well as marine and freshwater fish care.

The life in your aquarium is important to us, and we will do whatever is possible to ensure that the health and welfare is always maintained.

The aquarium maintenance service frequency will vary according to each aquarium specifications and customer needs.

Our Maintenance Service Includes:

  • Tank Inspection
  • Animal Health inspection
  • Filtration system inspection
  • Filtration system cleaning
  • Water changes
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Physicochemical water metering
  • Filling of Automatic feeding System
  • General Cleaning
  • Animals health inspection
  • Animals deaths replacement if necessary

Why adding an aquarium to your business is a great decision

  • Lease a Custom Aquarium for your business is the best option to give your space a luxury and sophisticated touch without spending huge amounts of money
  • Aquariums create a peaceful environment for the enjoyment of your clients and employees.
  • We design the Custom Aquarium according to our clients necessities
  • We build our custom aquariums with the best technology in the market, each aquarium will have a computer to control from our office all the conditions inside the aquarium
  • We will recreate all the marine environment inside the Aquarium with high technology lights, filters, pumps, etc, to preserve the animals health.
  • We will feed our species with the best products in the market to guarantee their healthy
  • You don’t have to worry for the Aquarium maintenance we will do it for you.

Ecofriendly Organization

We are a company highly committed with environmental care and sustainability, this is the reason why all our aquatic systems will be constructed under the strictest environmental requirements and all the technical and biological standards to guarantee the health and survival of the animals and plants.


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