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Having an aquarium in your home or business is a great experience but surely you have many questions.

Below we will help you with a list of frequently asked questions that will help you to make the best decision

What’s the difference between a freshwater and a saltwater aquarium?

It seems like an obvious question but for many it is not. The main difference is the type of water but the most important is the type of species that are on the market for each of these aquariums. Freshwater aquariums are for freshwater species only and offer the opportunity to have plants in them. Saltwater aquariums are for sea species that include fish, corals, invertebrates, among others.

Are saltwater aquariums more expensive than freshwater ones?

The cost of an Aquarium depends mainly on the size. No matter if it’s Freshwater or Saltwater the main tank will have the same cost, what varies is the equipment that each of them required. Also the type of glass will determine a change on the price, the thickness and color will increase or decrease the price. 

How often should a saltwater aquarium be maintained?

Our recommendation is to do maintenance at least once a month, this will also depend on how good your aquarium filtration system is and how well you take care of it.

How long do saltwater fish live?

Saltwater fish can live for long periods of time, some species can last more than 10 years, this depends on the care taken