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At Aquarium Marketing we not only specialize in the construction of aquariums, we offer our clients a variety of services that allow us to assist you in everything you might need.

From the design and manufacture to the maintenance and selection of animals we’re characterized by advising our customers properly so they can make an efficient use of their budget and can have the aquarium of their dreams.

Custom Aquariums

If you’re interested in a custom-made tank, whether for your home or business, our team of experts is ready to help you to design an exquisite aquarium that fits your most specific requirements.

With us you will find everything you need, from custom tanks to wood stands, fresh and saltwater animals and a variety of aquarium equipment.

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Aquarium Leasing Programs

If you’re interested in creating a more relaxing vibe for your customers and employees at your workplace, our unique and innovative aquariums can be the perfect add-on to your business.

With this service our commercial customers can enjoy a beautiful custom made aquarium with high technology equipment and freshwater or saltwater animals for a monthly fee. This fee also includes the aquarium cleaning and maintenance, the animals feeding and replacement and 24/7 assistance.

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Aquarium Management Programs

If you are a commercial customer and want an Aquarium to enhance the look of your Business but you don’t want to deal with the aquarium maintenance and animals care we are your best option.

You buy the Aquarium and we will managed it for you. For a monthly fee we will take care of maintenance and animals, also you will receive 24/7 assistance and more.

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Aquarium Maintenance

A healthy aquarium requires a regular maintenance routine. Our team of aquarium specialists is ready to help you to make sure your aquarium looks its best at all times.

Our aquarium Maintenance Program include an Aquarium health inspection, water change, tank and sump cleaning, water parameters corrections if need it and any other requirements that your aquarium may need.

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Filtration Systems

We are experts in water quality and we had developed a filtration system design that perfectly fits saltwater and freshwater systems.

Our goal is to ensure that your aquarium water will be in perfect conditions to have healthy animals and to reduce maintenance frequency.

Animal Selection

It does not matter if your aquarium is freshwater or saltwater you must choose very carefully the species you want to include to ensure that they coexist healthily in your aquarium.

 We will help you with the selection of your animals to ensure that the animals are healthy and live in harmony We carry Freshwater and Saltwater Animals


Aquarium Equipment

There are many brands and products for aquariums in the market, we will assist you in the selection of the necessary equipment to ensure the proper functioning of your aquarium.

We have a wide variety of options for your choice.

We offer lights, pumps, filters, accessories, reactors, foods, water supplements, decorations, rocks, sand, test kits, wave makers, among others.

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Talk to an Expert

We understand that by having an aquarium you can find yourself facing situations in which you do not know what to do, let us help you, our team of experts is trained to assist our clients under different situations and help you resolve your problems.

We can visit you to make an evaluation of your aquarium and give you a diagnosis in which we will make you recommendations on how to  improve your aquarium.

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Other Services

If you have a special project please contact us, we always try to assist our clients in other projects involving fish and / or glass such as Ponds, Pool Railings, Terrariums, among others.

We have worked closely with home and business owners, interior designers, architects, developers and contractors to bring their ideas and projects to life.

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We have worked closely with home and business owners, interior designers, architects, developers and contractors to bring their ideas and projects to life.

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