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Custom Aquariums

Aquariums can enhance the look and aesthetic on any space.

If you’re interested in a Custom Aquarium, whether for your home or business, our team of Aquarium Experts is ready to help you to design an exquisite Aquarium that fits your requirements.

Each Custom Aquarium is unique and we do our best to understand our client’s vision and to provide a creative Aquarium design every time.

Our main goal is to create a Custom Aquarium that better fits your necessities and budget.We encourage our customers to participate in the Custom Aquarium design and development process.

Our Aquarium portfolio includes freshwater and saltwater Custom Aquariums and we will assist you in your equipment and animals selection too.

Our Custom Aquariums are carefully designed to be easy to maintain, we do not want you to have a stressful experience, on the contrary, we want you to enjoy your Aquarium at all time.

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5 Simple steps to get your Custom Aquarium

Design, Fabrication, Equipment Selection, Installation and Animal Selection

1. Aquarium Design

There are many design options for a Custom Aquarium, from 2 sides Aquariums to 4 sides Aquariums we can create the best option for your home or business.

Our team of Aquarium Experts will suggest different options based on the space available and the decoration and style you preferred.

Our Aquarium Design team will assist you in the selection of the size, shape, materials, colors, and all aquarium characteristics to have not only a beautiful aquarium design but also an efficient tank.

We strongly encourage our customers to actively participate in the Aquarium Design, our customers satisfaction is our team top priority.

2. Custom Aquarium Fabrication

All our Custom Aquariums are manufactured by our team of Aquarium Experts at our facility.

Our goal is to guarantee our customers satisfaction and build Custom Aquariums that last over time, that’s why we care about details and quality.

More than 7 years building Custom Aquariums has giving us the expertise to carefully select the glass specifications to guarantee safety.

We work with a team of carpenters for the Stands Fabrication, we will help you to selected the best stand for your Custom Aquarium that fits your budget. We can also work with your carpenter.

3. Aquarium Equipment Selection

The Equipment Selection is very important for your Aquarium because the animal’s safety and water conditions depends on it.

There are many brands and products for aquariums in the market.

Depending on your Aquarium specifications and your budget our team of Aquarium Experts will assist you in the selection of the necessary equipment to ensure the proper functioning of your aquarium.

There’re some essential equipment your Aquarium must have such as Lights, Skimmer, Pumps, Thermometer, among others.

The equipment selection will vary form Freshwater Aquariums to Saltwater and Reef Aquariums. We will assist you within your budget.

4. Aquarium Installation

After finishing the Custom Aquarium fabrication process, we will schedule the Delivery and Installation.

The installation process is very important for us, that is why we have trained our team to make fast and efficient installations, we have the equipment and the necessary tools to guarantee a clean and efficient work.

During your Custom Aquarium Installation we will place together the Aquarium main tank with the stand in the exact location you selected, we will install all the aquarium equipment and connect the Filtration System (Sump).

5. Aquarium Animals Selection

It does not matter if your Custom Aquarium is freshwater or saltwater you must choose very carefully the species you want to include to ensure that they coexist healthily in your aquarium.

We will help you with the selection of your animals to ensure that the animals are healthy and live in harmony.

We care about your animals that’s why we quarantine them before introduced them to your Custom Aquarium to treat deseases and deliver to you healthy animals, this will help us to reduce mortality.

Aquarium Assistance and Maintenance

Our team of Aquarium Expert will assist you even after we finish the aquarium installation.  Counting with a professional team to back you up is really important.

We understand that by having a Custom Aquarium you can find yourself facing situations in which you do not know what to do, so we’re ready to help you.

Our team of Aquarium Experts is trained to assist our clients under different situations and help you resolve your problems.

We will also assist you with your Custom Aquarium Maintenance.

Keeping your Custom Aquarium healthy is key when ensuring the overall look of your space, we offer a professional maintenance service that will allow you to enjoy your aquarium without stress.

Aquarium Filtration System and Maintenance

Having an Aquarium can enhance the look and aesthetic of any space, no questions asked; however, keeping your tank healthy is key when ensuring the overall look of your space.  

Everything is about water quality and to have it you need more than just technology in your tank, you will need a complete Filtration System that perfectly mixed biological and mechanical filtration and a professional company such as Aquarium Marketing to assist you with the aquarium maintenance.

Aquarium Filtration System

We frequently heard people saying having a reef aquarium is very difficult so they decided not to buy it to avoid future headaches and money loss

To be honest sometimes this could be true if your aquarium does not have the proper filtration system.

Don’t get scared, aquariums, not only reef ones but also freshwater aquariums need care and maintenance and we are ready to assist you.

We are experts in water quality and we had developed a filtration system design that perfectly fits saltwater and freshwater systems. Our goal is to ensure that your aquarium water will be in perfect conditions to have healthy animals and to reduce maintenance frequency.

We will adjust our design to any tank size and design and your animals necessities, all our filtration tanks are custom made as well.

Aquarium Maintenance Service

A healthy aquarium requires a regular maintenance routine. Our team of aquarium specialists is ready to help you to make sure your aquarium looks its best at all times.

We understand that each tank is different; therefore, we also offer customized services packages that suit your tank’s size and your needs while getting your money’s worth.

Aquarium Marketing offers an in-house staff professionally trained to service your aquarium, our services team are skilled in aquarium maintenance as well as marine and freshwater fish care.

The life in your aquarium is important to us, and we will do whatever is possible to ensure that the health and welfare is always maintained.

The aquarium maintenance service frequency will vary according to each aquarium specifications and customer needs.

We have worked closely with home and business owners, interior designers, architects, developers and contractors to bring their ideas and projects to life.


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