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Equipment Selection

The Equipment Selection is very important for your Aquarium because the animal’s safety and water conditions depends on it.

There are many brands and products for aquariums in the market.

Depending on your Aquarium specifications and your budget our team of Aquarium Experts will assist you in the selection of the necessary equipment to ensure the proper functioning of your aquarium.

There’re some essential equipment your Aquarium must have such as Lights, Skimmer, Pumps, Thermometer, among others.

The equipment selection will vary form Freshwater Aquariums to Saltwater and Reef Aquariums. We will assist you within your budget.

Essential Equipment for an Aquarium

Aquarium Lights

Aquarium lighting plays a big role, much bigger than simply illuminating your aquarium. Light is essential for the healthy growth for fish, plants, corals and bacteria.

There’s many brands in the market that are constantly working in creating the best product for each type of aquarium. Depending on the animals you have in your tank we will assist you on the selection of your lights. Freshwater aquariums have some specific needs that are different from Saltwater aquariums, specially Reef Tanks.